“Such location adds value to the whole event. It’s good to see there are excellences like that in the local hospitality industry. Thanks to Collina degli Ulivi for the warm welcome!”

Francesco Montefusco – founder of the Vacanze Pontine association and Board Member at Igersitalia – commented the travel experience that saw him and other Italian influencers and bloggers as guests at Collina degli Ulivi during the #Gaeta5sensi Experience Tour.
The event, organised by Vacanze Pontine in collaboration with Igerslatina and the municipality of Gaeta, not only was supposed to promote the territory, but also the sensory experience of a holiday in this beautiful town.
The attendees sightsaw Gaeta main attractions, such as the medieval old town, the Sanctuary of Santissima Annunziata and its Golden Chapel, the Church of San Francesco and the Cathedral with its Moorish and Arabesque bell tower and crypt. Not to mention the natural beauties around, such as the Regional Park of Mount Orlando, the Montagna Spaccata (Cracked Mountain) and the Grotta del Turco.

We were thrilled to host such an event at Collina degli Ulivi.
Looking forward to the next one, guys!

A few pictures from the blog tour

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