The Pontine coast – an eye candy

Collina degli Ulivi is close to some of the most popular attractions and natural itineraries of the Pontine area.

You might have heard someone saying “The journey is the destination”. Well, this is particularly true for those visiting the nearby area – what you see while going from one place to another is a pure eye candy. Our territory is also rich in history, archaeology, geography and nature.

Among the best itineraries we recommend, you can travel to the Circeo National Park or villages such as Sabaudia, Sperlonga, Gaeta, Terracina and the close islands of Ponza, Ventotene and Palmarola. These are all surprisingly beautiful spots over the Tyrren sea, where you can find sandy bays as well as evocative cliffs. Along the coast there are many popular sandy beaches, whose clear waters boast the Bandiera Blu award, the official Italian certification for quality and safe bathing. Several natural reserves are located in the area – among these you can’t miss the Garden of Ninfa in Sermoneta, mount Orlando in Gaeta, the Gianola Regional Park, mount Scauri near Formia and Minturno, the Capovento Tower and the Villa of Tiberius on the promontory of Sperlonga. Visit the Pontine area and you will discover places where legend is mixed up with present times.