Itri, Pontine village between sea and nature

Itri is certainly one of the villages worth a mention among the southern area of the Province of Latina.It is located strategically, under the Aurunci mountains yet just a few kilometers away from great beach towns such as Sperlonga and Gaeta. That's why Itri is among the most interesting destinations of the Pontine area, attracting tourists from all countries.

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The Villa of Tiberius in Sperlonga, between history and magic

The Villa of Tiberius was built on a preexisting Republican-Age Villa. Tiberius lived here until 26 AD, when he decided to move to Capri after a landslide.Let's figure out how the historical complex is structured.In addition to the house, there are thermal baths, water supplies and a dock, that let ships stop in the area. Among the main attractions of the Villa there is also the well-known natural grotto.

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